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RAPID RESPONSE LTD was established in 2006 with the purpose of providing response to clients to assist with an array of problems. The company grew rapidly when a major retail outlet (TST) approached us with a serious problem on September 16 2006, (TST) experienced their 14th robbery for the year by the following week we were in full operation providing services to the client. Later in the year they had two more robberies, the first one the suspects robbed the outlet of about K5000, however our response caused panic and the suspects fled leaving a suspect behind. The second robbery was a failure as security alerted us of the suspicious movement of suspects inside the shop we were there in about 5 minutes and apprehended 4 suspects with home-made guns and bush knives.

In 2007 and 2008 there was one robbery each year, however this occurred from carelessness from the shop managers. This is an improvement from the 14 robberies our client had in 2006.

To date (2009) TST have had one robbery with a total loss including damage to property of less than K5000.00. Our first vehicle was on site within 4 minutes to respond to this incident.

Our reputation has been proven to other major companies who have also requested our services including; Seeto Kui, Teri Trading (now closed), Port Moresby Betting Shop and I.S.PL (Gold Buyers).

As we endeavour to provide a personal service we have kept our client base low as one could appreciate not having to communicate with too many people.